Add an email address to identities

I have identities that include an email address, but not the an identity for the email address itself, for fill-in purposes. I don’t see a way to do that.

There is an Email field available in Identity items (between License number and Phone):


The email address stored in the Email field should auto-populate online forms when you trigger auto-filling of the Identity.

If it doesn’t auto-fill properly, then you may need to create a custom field linked to the Email field.

P.S. I moved your post from the Feature Request section to the Ask the Community section of the forum, and I changed the app tag from app:desktop to app:browser (since auto-fill only exists in the browser extension).

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I just created a new identity. The name, username, and email fields are all my email address.

Is that the way to do it? I don’t want it associated with any particular location, just for email fill-in whenever i need it.

If all that you want to use it for is to auto-fill your email address, then you can just name the identity item (in the Name field), fill in your email address in the Email field, and leave everything else blank:


To be clear, on the Edit screen , it would look something like this:

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