Add a Folder/Favorite Filter for the new dedicated TOTP screen on mobile

Feature name

  • Add a Folder/Favorite Filter for the new dedicated Bitwarden screen on mobile

Feature function

This allows user to filter the TOTP with their favorite apps or according to folders, which reduce users’ scrolling when there are many TOTP. I personally have 70 TOTP, and when I try it, I find it hard to find the one when I forget how I exactly name it. In this case, I have multiple TOTP saved for my personal web services but I forget exactly how I name them)

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the new dedicated option on mobile to view all the TOTP codes together is quite nice, so thanks for that!

I think it would be useful to have a new boolean option on vault items allowing them to be hidden from that page. My list of TOTP codes is quite long, and many of them I don’t need/want them to show there.

So a checkbox on vault items indicating which of them I do not want to be shown there would be really handy.


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I don’t like the new dedicated TOTP on the Vault home page.
So while agree with this feature request to favourite them, I would also like see that when there are zero favorited that the TOTP section on the Vault home not be shown. i.e. no point in showing an empty section.