Add a button to refresh vault in iOS' password auto-fill view

Feature name

  • Refresh button in the iOS keyboard auto-fill view

Feature function

I often sign up for an application form my computer, save the credentials in Bitwarden, and then try to log in using them from my iPhone. The problem is, in order for the credentials to appear on my phone, I first need to open the bitwarden app and sync the vault.

It would be nice to add a button to run a sync into the Password auto-fill view you can bring up from the keyboard context, like shown below. The pull-down refresh does not work there, as pulling down in this list will actually “push” the view away and close it on the OS level.

This way I don’t have to go back and forth a couple times!

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This is a great idea, and something often needed when sharing passwords. This deserves more votes.