Add a button to refresh vault in iOS' password auto-fill view

Feature name

  • Refresh button in the iOS keyboard auto-fill view

Feature function

I often sign up for an application form my computer, save the credentials in Bitwarden, and then try to log in using them from my iPhone. The problem is, in order for the credentials to appear on my phone, I first need to open the bitwarden app and sync the vault.

It would be nice to add a button to run a sync into the Password auto-fill view you can bring up from the keyboard context, like shown below. The pull-down refresh does not work there, as pulling down in this list will actually “push” the view away and close it on the OS level.

This way I don’t have to go back and forth a couple times!

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This is a great idea, and something often needed when sharing passwords. This deserves more votes.

This would be handy on Android as well

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This needs to get implemented.

I totally understand that some would prefer a button, but in case anyone was not aware, you can manually sync your vault by swiping down on the Bitwarden mobile app in iOS and Android, which is very convenient also. Just be sure the option is enabled in the app in Settings → Sync. Cheers!

Im aware of how this works in the dedicated app, but this suggestion is for the auto-fill “pop-up” from the keyboard.

Switching to the main app, logging in, pulling down to refresh, then going back to the other app and re-opening the pop up is a lot of “clicks”.

Ah, mybad. I missed that part in your OP. :+1:

I thought it was me and didn’t know how to work this from the keyboard. Turns out, it’s not in there. Swiping down kills the list. A button would really help, this is actually something I bump into frequently… and the first reason I created an account for this forum.

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I also hit this shortcoming today on Android mobile app and registered here only to upvote.