Add 8, 12, and 24 hours timeout options

Feature name:

Extra timeout options

Feature Description

Add 8, 12, and 24 hours timeout options.

Clients / Repos Affected:

  • Web

Timeline to completion (estimate):

Done - Awaiting review

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Thanks @Zadak! @eliykat commented on the PR regarding the translations, thank you for putting this together!


Hi, it’s been a week and nobody checked my new changes yet :frowning:

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It’s on the radar, I promise! We’ve just been ruining @eliykat ‘s schedule a lot lately :sweat_smile:


No problem! Just making sure it’s on the radar :smiley:

I’d be particularly interested in getting feedback from Zorak and Brak on this as well, just from an opposing perspective before acceptance :wink:. We’re discussing internally (albeit asynchronously) and will get back to you @Zadak , thanks!

Hi @Zadak ,

After some discussion with our product team, here’s where we stand on this particular item. We appreciate the contribution, however at this time we feel expanding these options should squarely fall into the following:

  • A custom, user-defined value (user-entered) beyond the current list
  • Support for the same across all clients (so the browser extension doesn’t diverge in behavior)

This is also very applicable as we have future enhancements planned for enterprise policies and other things that will rely on these values with a set max. We also try to keep feature parity between clients as much as possible.

If you’re willing to refactor the submission to accommodate a custom type and entry, as well as implement that across all clients (web vault, browser extension, desktop, mobile) we would gladly accept the change; otherwise at the moment we do not have the capacity to accept this change if we need to also implement it for the other clients internally.

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A customisable value sounds like the best option to me. People could decide for themselves and it would be uncluttered compared to radio buttons or drop-down boxes to pick one from several fixed options.

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