Activate anti-keylogger for master-password prompt on Browser extension

My Anti virus software (Kaspersky) activates a “Secure keyboard” for any password sensitive fields to protect against keyloggers

However, the Bitwarden master-password prompt field in the Chrome web-browser does not activate this feature and therefore my browser is prone to keylogger attacks (in theory).

Is it possible to implement a feature to ensure Secure keyboard is activated to prevent keylogger attacks?

I think this could be done by opening a new chrome window and requiring users to re-enter the master-password within a new chrome window, rather than directly via the extension


There’s a keyboard that I spotted once that protects against keylogging. IIRC, you have a security card that you plug into the keyboard before use but I forgot the name of it. Wouldn’t something like do what you’re asking of Bitwarden but also protect you’re entire computing sessions?

It would. I did look for one, but couldn’t find one from a brief search. Having said that I can partially enter my master password using a secure OSK thereby hiding some of the password

Shouldn’t that be something that the user gets by e.g. getting an antivirus? I don’t think I’ve ever seen any password manager do that.