Activate 2FA on a second device

Hello, I have Bitwarden installed on my Mac with Raivo 2FA. I have also installed Bitwarden om my Ipad and would like to activate 2FA Raivo as well. How to do?

Hey there, can you provide more detail on what you are trying to do?

Are you referring to 2FA enabled for your Bitwarden account and access the token from different machines? Or using Bitwarden or another device to store 2FA codes in general?

Maybe the following information (from a Reddit post answering the question “Raivo OTP: Can you switch from one device to another?”) will help:

If you have iCloud sync enabled on both devices, and you’re signed in with the same iCloud Apple ID on both devices, it will work automatically.

If you do not meet those conditions, you can make an export on your old device via the settings tab in Raivo. You can scan the QR-codes in the export on your new device to import them one by one.