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Renamed thread, as this will be called “Account Switching” officially :wink:


Account switching is a very bad way of multiple accounts implementation!

For example, I have my personal account on bitwarden.org, and corporate account on thecompany.com.

But on company’s computer I use personal and work resources together in same time, and I need log in to each of them using different Bitwarden accounts.

As result I would need to do a manual switch between accounts 100 times per day!?

Must comfortable way of implementation is to login to several accounts together and receive a merged mix of records from all logged-in accounts as one list of matched items, and ask user to select account only when I create new record or do something when choosing account manually is really needed!

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And “Account switching” is already can be implemented now via running different Bitwarden instances, eg two browser extensions like this: Two Bitwarden Chrome Extension instances? · Issue #1058 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub

This way is even easier than planned “Account switching” because I can use both of accounts without do a “Switch account” action!

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I believe this “account switching” feature is set to allow support for switching between multiple profiles within all the client apps, desktop, mobile, and browser extensions (without the need for multiple browser extensions or browser based profiles.)

Currently this can be done via the client applications, but can be quite tedious.
Having to log out of the current account, set a separate self-hosted URL if needed, and then login with separate email and master password.

I believe this new feature will allow you to instead login with multiple accounts (and hopefully accounts connected to self-hosted URLs) and allow separate profiles to be switched between them without the need for multiple steps to logout, change settings, and login again.

Not sure if this “account switching” feature would allow for multiple vault entries to be combined into a “single pane of glass” so to speak, but I would argue some would find this convenient, while others would prefer to only have the accounts easily switched.

I agree with another user : this features needs to be multiple profiles instead of account switching. To be precise : one needs to be able to be logged in to several servers and accounts at the same time as opposed to logging out and into another profile, however easy that becomes.

Any progess on this? I’ve pushed to trial Bitwarden at work, but the lack of this feature is most likely a show stopper and a argument by supporters of other solutions (LastPass) not to use Bitwarden. Many people are working with multiple work/home laptops in these COVID-times.

Currently in development @Oliv_er :slight_smile:


How will this feature work with Enterprise policies?

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Is there an open item so we can track this development?

Each client requires separate development, so there will be code added in many PRs (pull requests) across most of our repos at github.com/bitwarden. That being said, Desktop is getting this feature first and has a few PRs already: Pull requests · bitwarden/desktop · GitHub

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Hi everyone,
I would like to suggest the use of profiles (at least two). Surely many uses occur to you but in my case it is because the passwords that I store on the mobile are usually for applications and it is not practical to have everything in the same place.
It’s a whim, I know it’s not essential but it goes.
All the best.

This is handy hack for browsers. You could also use multiple browser profiles in Chrome. However this is not an option for mobile or when using the desktop application.

Agree that account switching is not as good as supporting multiple profiles/identities simultaneously. But if it is just a dropdown / icon switcher and you don’t need to re-login each switch that’s a huge improvement over the current situation, which is unworkable.

If you work with two companies that use BitWarden or use BitWarden yourself as well as at work, the current situation is a nightmare. Almost easier to carry multiple phones, one for each identity! :slight_smile:

I never recommend BitWarden, because the last thing I need is someone else I’m working with to use it too :sob:


Specific PR’s I found:

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Been waiting on this feature for years. Sadly think we will be switching off due to it still not being out.

Kinda on the same boat as EllieSaga. This feature was expected to be built in 2021 Q3. Seems like the PRs are there, but does not exist in the app yet.

Curious if there is an update on this yet? I see “account switching” is a feature being developed in 2022 in the roadmap. Has client profiles been migrated to that? Some idea of a release timeline or whether or not this feature will be released at all would be really helpful for our team. Otherwise we need to find alternate solutions.

We did have some timeline shifts, but Account Switching/ Client Profiles should be available in Q1 :+1:


Account switching has landed and is available in the newest release :partying_face: !!

The release notes can be found here and for further information on account switching, please have a look here


This is promising news!
I’m most interested in switching between multiple accounts on the Android app. I hope that’s not too far off.

Exciting news! I’m most interested in web extension, but wondering - can I perform search a desired item in all logged in accounts, or must remember in which exact account it is placed and switch to it beforehand?

Now I’m using two extensions via this hack https://github.com/bitwarden/browser/issues/1058#issuecomment-591939724 and it’s very convenient that both extensions do the search of saved passwords for current website and show me the matched results from both accounts!

It looks like you can only perform vault operations, like searches, on the active account:


Most vault actions, including adding new items or folders, syncing, searching, and settings like vault timeout and unlock (PIN or Biometrics) will only apply to the active account, which you can determine by the email displayed in the top-right of the app.

See here: Account Switching | Bitwarden Help & Support

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