✅ Account Switching

Any updates about this one? Some ETA would be great.

We’re aiming for closer to the end of the year :+1:


That will be much appreciated :slight_smile: :+1:

Out of all the password management tools I’ve used, bitwarden is my absolute favorite. My main complaint is the lack of a feature similar to lastpass’ “identities.”

Here’s another simple use-case and how/why this is so insanely valuable:

I have several separate “identities” that correlate to different “credential sets”. I used to manage them all through lastpass using separate identities for each … though now I’m in a situation where I’m using multiple methods to keep them all from being intermingled. I currently use three separate password managers for this … which sucks. I’d love to do it all in just bitwarden.

  1. I have my personal credentials.
  2. I have my daughter’s credentials.
  3. I have my professional credentials (no pw manager provided, and work-from-home on personal device).
  4. I have my private llc/org credentials.
  5. Several other credential sets which are also bound to other email addresses and used for research & development purposes only.

Each of these credential sets are bound to separate email addresses, used in separate browsers, apps, virtual environments, VPN profiles, etc. However, they are used on the same physical devices (several computer systems/phone/tablet).

So, using lastpass identities, this allows you to have a single account to manage all credentials while limiting the base-scope of access within that context … so for example … I could use the same lastpass account across all of these devices, but then set the base identity in that browser to whatever was needed for that time … and then only see the correct logins from the context of that ‘identity’ for autofill suggestions and such. It’s way more convenient.

I miss this single feature so much, that I’ve considered going back to lastpass multiple times, even though I really want to support bitwarden’s ethical, open-source, user-focused approach (paying customer, for the record).

This feature is not a request to try to get more for less … i.e. to avoid paying for multiple accounts. I’d happily do that, but the overhead associated with switching between accounts is prohibitively annoying for the use case. I’d happily pay more just for this feature … underneath the hood it’s a way to provide context between credential sets that belong to a single user.

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Hello all
I love this app and even my technophobe wife loves the program so much as implemented it at her job.

We are trying to manage passwords for more than one vaults and it’s becoming tedious so any help would be much appreciated.

Looking forward to the update,


Are you still planning on providing this account switch functionality?

Yep, it was just pushed a little further out :+1:


Does the planned functionality include a “sub-vault” feature? E.g., having a dedicated sub-vault (own password) with all personal finance / banking related accounts and credit card numbers etc.?

At this point it doesn’t contain that functionality.

Any perspective on the usefulness of this feature vs. the effort required to implement?

Currently users would have to create multiple accounts and then pay premium for each of them (to get access to advanced 2FA). Personally, I would have at least 5 sub-vaults, so that seems somewhat steep of a premium for many people :slight_smile:

This also highlights a challenge: If this feature was implemented, how would we prevent people from registering one pro account and then creating 20 sub-vaults for friends & family?

I hope this behavior could be prevented by giving the holder of the master key the powers to easily unlock/read any of the sub-vaults. (Like Amazon forces people who share Prime accounts to also share their payment methods.)

This is currently aiming to make access to personal/professional accounts easier via switching instead of logging out and into another, not so much for containing other vaults inside a “main” vault.

Too late for us, but I have my own startup and I know I’d want this feedback.

We just picked a different password manager because Bitwarden was missing this feature. Many of the team including myself already use Bitwarden for personal, and without good account switching it would be too painful to use it for both work and person. I have otherwise had a great experience using Bitwarden and it would have been my first choice.

This is for a 12 person company.

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Eagerly waiting for this one.
I use Bitwarden personally, but as my company is going to start using it, I now envision the nightmare of having to switch servers all the time. Just not feasible. Of course on browsers, profiles will do the trick, but not on the desktop and mobile apps !

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I actually can’t give my money to bitwarden due to the Android app not having that feature.

And I wanted to move from lastpass to bitwarden. I guess I’ll have to wait for another year.

It’s coming this year! It’s just a large initiative that touches everything, so the timeline is longer than we’d hoped.

But it’s here listed as “client profiles”:


As a developer myself, I understand completely. I’m looking forward for that to be implemented.

Thanks for the info Trey.


Hello, I freshly migrate from KeePass to Bitwarden So i can share smoothly accounts with my wyfe.

In KeePass, I have one db for my personal accounts. I another db for professional accounts.
I used KeeWeb (autosync database from webdav / gdrive / dropbox / onedrive) and I was able to open as many database I needed and search in all entries / filter by db or directory.

I see this Client Profiles feature is comming this year. I hope soon,
For now i will continue to use KeeWeb for pro, and Bitwarden for personal.

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Hi folks! We have a survey we’d love feedback on with regard to this feature. If you can, take a few minutes to give feedback here:

Edit: we’re all set - thanks to those who submitted responses!


CC @dflinn


Can’t fill out the survey : the URL says it’s not available.

Sorry about that! The survey timeframe ended but stay tuned for our next survey.