Accessing the vault

I have a question about the web vault. I have the user id and passwords for my dads vault, he is elderly and trusts me to add/ change or modify some passwords & documents for him. I am 2000 miles away from him so I log into his vault from my location & sometimes it takes 3 or 4 tries to get in successfully I get the red box that says a log in error has occurred & just by logging in again sometimes fixes it also when I make changes to his vault even after syncing sometimes the changes don’t stick. Any reason why??

First thing to do (and that will almost always solve these kind of issues): Reboot. Do not switch off and back on. Do a reboot. You do not mention what kind of device you are using. Let’s assume you are using a smartphone. Then try a different network (WiFi vs. mobile). Also make sure that the time and the time zone are accurate on your device.

By the way: The distance to your dad does not have any influence on that.

Sorry I forgot to tell you what I was using It’s a Chromebook It’s a brand new Chromebook It’s about 6 months old It’s an HP 360

One thing I do when troubleshooting is default to the web vault, if you’re using the browser extension or desktop app. This makes sure that it’s not a problem of one of those causing the issue (disable those for the moment).

I would make sure that all of your recovery options are good and that you have the master password. Then follow the steps to deauthorize all sessions.

Log into web vault. Go to extension (or any other client) log out and try to log back in. Still acting the same?