Accessing Bitwarden on an Amazon Fire Tablet

Can’t seem to find a Bitwarden App for my Amazon Fire Tablet 10… and apparently you can only use the Silk Browser and I see no way to add the extension. (I know, dump it) but was wondering if anyone had found a way around this. Thanks

See if you can install Google Play Store app per these instructions:

Then search Google Play for the Android Bitwarden app. You can also use the Play Store for any Android app, including Chrome.

Yes, I’ve successfully installed the Play Store on my FireTablet before, but when it updates, it messes it up and can’t fix it. Tried reinstalling it and didn’t matter.

You can’t update your device if you want to keep access to the play store. If you do, you’ll need to wait until someone cracks the firmware again to be able to download it. Patching exploits is a big part of most updates for most technology manufacturers. If Amazon wanted you to be able to access the play store they would have included it on their devices. Google is their main competitor.

I didn’t realize when it updated, I did not have it set for auto update but I guess there was a setting somewhere to allow it. So you can update all your apps individually, just not the Tablet OS right?

Have you tried sideloading the app? That might actually be the easiest method, if you don’t mind manually updating it.

You can download the Android package (.apk file) directly from Bitwarden’s Github here: