Accessebility problem

Hi from Germany,

my problem:

Bitwarden doesn’t work at the beginning of the day. There is an error under “Accessibility”. No further explanations. So Bitwarden off, on, and things continue to work fine.

Thanks for your help


@Karsten welcome to the forum!

You have tagged your post app:all. Can you confirm that you observe this behavior in all of the Bitwarden client apps (Desktop app, browser extension, Web Vault, and mobile apps)? If not, please specify which app you are using, and the version of that app. It would also help if you provide your operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, or Android).


sorry…my english.

The problem is only on my mobile., Android. The Bitwarden Version is 2023.9.2 (8002)
Desktop, browser extension are ok.


OK, I’ve changed the post tag to app:mobile. Unfortunately, I personally don’t use the mobile apps, so hopefully someone else here can assist you.