Access shared items on mobile

I want to share logins with my wife.
So i created a account for me and my wife. Added us both to a organisation i created from my account. Set up a collection in that org and set her up as a admin of that org.
Because i already had a lot of the logins in my vault i put them in the collection we share.
But she cant access the logins in the collection through the android app, which she uses exclusively.
Is there any setting i know about or why are the logins from the collection not accessible via the android app?
In the web vault, i have access for, they are there. But only if i go to the org explicitely. Even with the search they are not found always.

I hope the use case is clear here and what the problem i face to get my wife to use a secure soltution :slight_smile:

Hello @Jan_Jansen and welcome,

Glad to hear you are getting use out of Bitwarden and are looking to share with your wife. Bitwarden is great for this as you mentioned, though if you are not seeing the shared Org items in your web-vault or the personal vault in the Android app then you may want to check the shared Org collections. There may be access controls in place that are preventing these from showing in your personal vault.

Note as an owner or admin of an Org you will always be able to see shared items and collections that are not “assigned” to you. But if you want these to show up in your personal vault, or the mobile apps you will want to make sure This user can access and modify all items. is checked, or the appropriate access controls for each collection is set for your Org users for you and your wife.