About using Bit Warden for 1 User on Windows Desk Top, Android Phone, on iPhone, iPad and MAC

Since I have have several PCs as well as iOS and Android devices, do I need to subscribe to each of the applications individually?
Since I also need to use 2FA (Bit Warden native application) how is going can I use this on a PC or Mac OS as it requires scanning QR Code.
How does all this work? I am a new newbie who knows nothing about these things, so please forgive me for asking such KG questions

Hi @Caydee - welcome!

With Bitwarden, you can use as many devices as you like. There are no limits, and each device will sync automatically with your vault in the cloud as long as you are connected to the internet.

Regarding 2FA, are you referring to 2FA when you login to Bitwarden? If so, a free account allows you to use email to push one-time codes to your devices. A Premium subscription opens up more secure options as well.

If you are referring to using the Bitwarden app as an authentication to generate OTP codes, then I find it easiest to use my cell phone or tablet to capture QR codes from a computer screen to setup 2FA for a login. Once setup, the system will sync the update to all your devices, and you can generate OTP codes from any Bitwarden client.

I hope that helps!

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Thank you very much David H!
I am opting for a Bit Warden Premium and I suppose that is even better. I am now going to install Bit Warden. I have been using Roboform Everywhere for the last 20 years and am quite excited about the change. Roboform relies on Google Authenticate or Auth for 2 FA which in my opinion is not such a good idea.
Yes your advice has helped me make up mind…
See ya soon on the forums,

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