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Help translate Bitwarden into other languages.

Getting started:

If you’re new to Bitwarden client localization, visit the Bitwarden Contributing Documentation to get started.

The Bitwarden Community Forums (powered by Discourse) is used to facilitate general feedback on client localization efforts, including glossary management.

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Translation Glossary

All 4 projects use a shared glossary that is is accessible from the editor.

View glossary terms related to current string

While in the string editor, hover over an underlined word or tap the bookmark icon on the right side of the screen

Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 10-40-15 messages.json - Bitwarden - Browser - Crowdin translation

You can also find the glossary

View the full glossary (add translations)

To navigate to the glossary directly, switch to the desktop project:

Click the project at the top of the screen:

Select the glossary:

Localizing Bitwarden Learning Center videos

After joining the Videos project, you can tap the eye to view the associated Bitwarden Learning Center video.

Hi Community Bitwarden,

I searched this category and found several very similar feature requests.

Please, include this feature in this category:

I would also like to see website at Crowdin, although email messages would be nice to see there first.

Interface language can be chanced already, at least in the Android and Windows apps separately from system language (default is to follow system). EDIT: Web app also supports this and browser extensions are already getting support in the near future.