About payment methods

Hello xD I am new to the bitwarden community, I love this app is one of the best I’ve tried, so much so that I would like to pay the premium membership, but I see in the payment method does not leave any about the payment of cryto, which would be great to place it.

I know that the fees in various cryptos are high as BTC or ETH, but could that and other crypto using different networks or some exchange, say that for BTC would be used the bitcoin lightning network, for ETH an exchange like binance, ERGO coin a coin with great future, Ravencoin another also that will rise in value at the end of the year due to the halving that will have, ada cardano or even USDT. I say this because not many people do not have credit cards and less if they are from Latin America, which would be a contribution to the developers for the rise of crypto.

Hi @gernyscana! Welcome!

We accept crypto payments via BitPay. You’ll want to reach out to our CS team here: bitwarden.com/contact and they can provide an invoice payable via crypto.