Able to auto-fill apps in Chromebook (Chrome OS)?

I’ve been using Bitwarden Premium for almost 3 years with Windows 10 and Android. I have both the desktop and browser extensions installed (for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera browsers). I love its ability to auto-fill login prompts for browser sites as well as installed apps.

I just bought a Lenovo Chromebook that allows Android apps to be installed from Google Play Store. I installed Bitwarden but it only seems to work as a browser extension to auto-fill online website prompts. If I’m logging in to an installed app (e.g., Kindle), I’m not prompted by Bitwarden to auto-fill. I realize I can copy/paste username and password creds from Bitwarden to the app but that’s cumbersome and (in my view) defeats one of the biggest benefits of a good password manager.

I’ve tried searching for help (specifically for Bitwarden, and generally for all password managers that work on Chromebooks) and only see mention of auto-filling browser logins. Does anyone know how to set Bitwarden to prompt for auto-fill when logging in to an installed app? Does any password manager currently do this?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Have you tried installing Bitwarden on your Chromebook as an Android app?

Installing the Android app should let you fill other Android apps, provided the app’s package name (ex. com.myapp.appname) is set as a URI.

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Sorry for not replying sooner. I posed my question the day before I left for two weeks of vacation. My destination (not international) was remote with no access to Internet.

Thanks, Dan. Yes, I’ve installed the Bitwarden Android App on my Chromebook as well as adding the extension to my Chrome browser.

Hi, Trey. Thanks for your reply. Even after installing the Bitwarden Android App on my Chromebook, and modifying the app’s settings to permit it to overwrite other apps (as I’ve had to do on my Pixel 3a phone for Bitwarden to work properly), it still wouldn’t prompt to auto-fill two other apps when I tried to login.

As an experiment, I tried installing the LastPass Android App, and have it permission to overwrite other apps. I added my password creds for the two apps I’d tested with Bitwarden and then tried to login. LastPass immediately prompted me to autofill the login fields and I was able to continue using the apps.

I don’t want to switch from using Bitwarden on my other devices (two Windows 10 computers and two Android devices - the Chromebook and my Pixel 3a phone). It works so well on those platforms. I think I’ll return the Chromebook and try getting an Android tablet instead, where I know Bitdefender will work as expected.

I would suggest you to ask this same question in the chrombook community. Maybe they will provide a solution Chromebook Community

Thanks for your suggestion, Vachon.

Thanks for post, very helpful and thankful for me, really appreciate.

Bit late I know, but having just bought a Lenovo Chromebook I found this thread. Auto-fill in apps like BritBox and Amazon is working for me.

On a Lenovo Duet Chromebook, just go to settings in the Bitwarden app, and turn on ‘Auto-fill services’ there. Then turn on all the other settings in the auto-fill sub menu.