Ability to remove self from someone else's organization/collection

Is there a way to remove myself from an organization? : Bitwarden - I first requested help with this issue on Reddit and it seems the functionality does not currently exist.

I think that a user should be able to remove themselves from an organization and/or collection.

I suggest that this should change the behavior if you

  1. login on the webvault and click organization
  2. manage
  3. check account and select remove

Though this does not account for a situation where a user is not an owner and wants to revoke their own access.

You can actually leave any org you’re not an owner of today :slight_smile:

My Vault > Settings > Organizations > Leave

You can also delete an organization that you own:


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As an owner how is it possible to remove yourself from a collection?
I have setup collections with multiple members and each member also have their own collection, to be able to “unshare” - however me as owner will see all :neutral_face:

By design, the owner always has access to all items in the organization.

But as stated above, you can also leave or delete any organization.

Ok, so to make my family setup work I could spend one license on an idle Owner account, an that way make sharing/un-sharing possible.

All members will have access on a family collection and then each will have their individual collection.
The owner account will only be used for administration, having access to all.

Your family members can still have their own own personal vaults that are not shared to the family organization, though, so I am not sure why this would be necessary. Or did I miss something that you were getting at? My apologies if I did. :relaxed:

I am currently the owner, as soon as an item is shared in a collection I will see it regardless of the collection it is in - I would like to not see items in the personal collections. I can only do that if I’m not owner.
The personal collection is for items that, members want to remove/unshare from the family collection.

They should use their personal vault for those items, not a collection within the organization.

There is no need to create “personal collections” if this is your intent.

Ok, got it. Unfortunately that does not work for us.

If you’re seeing all their collections in clients other than the Web Vault - you can change that setting for your user. In the Web Vault under Manage > People, click on your user and change it to “This user can access only the selected collections”

You’ll only see the assigned collections in all your clients, and if you need to see anything in a “private” collection, you would do so in the Web Vault, after switching to the Organization view.

Thanks @tgreer this was exactly the feature I was looking for, cool.

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