Ability to prepend / append TOTP to password in autofill

I have a couple of apps that do not have a dedicated TOTP field / prompt. Instead I either prepend or append the totp in the password field.

It would be great to have a setting to allow for merging the totp and password in an entry for autofill.


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Hey there,

I switched from KeePassXC and everything works great. Thank for the good work!
I miss one feature compared to KeePassXC.
I have entries with TOTP and some sites tend to aks for TOTP in the password field. In KeePassXC you can use {TOTP}password in password field and {TOTP} is replaced while copying the password field.
I searched a lot in Google and didn´t find anything.
Is there a way to use this (also with official Bitwarden Apps for iOS)?


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Feature name

  • Inline TOTP Support

Feature function

  • Support to configure an entry to fill the password field with (configurable) TOTP+Password or Password+TOTP.
  • When a TOTP entry is made, there should be a drop down option to decide what to do with it.
  1. Copy it to the clipboard after a password is filled
  2. Prepend the TOTP into the password field (TOTP+Password)
  3. Append the TOTP into the password field (Password+TOTP)

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I make a small up of the subject.
I don’t know if this request is hard to implement or if it is not treated because of its lack of interest by the community, but there are more and more sites/applications offering only this MFA system.
In my case it is Sophos.
A drop down list like this:

  1. “Password”
  2. “TOTPPassword”
  3. “PasswordTOTP”


Hey everyone, just to clarify, this is for situations when the following doesn’t work?

If a login uses the Bitwarden Authenticator for TOTPs, using the Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + L will automatically copy your TOTP to your clipboard after auto-filling. All you have to do is Cmd/Ctrl + V to paste.

We are not talking about convenience here, are we?

Usually I click on the extension to choose which credentials to use and it will fill in the fields and log me in. In that case its important to have the format. Instead of only username / password…

Ah, thanks for clarification. I’ll pass this feedback along to the team.

Are there any news on this topic?

Are there any news on this topic?

Any updates on this?

Welcome to the community @DirtyDan! The feedback has been passed along to the team and any new updates will be announced.

Hi, I would like to have a feature that allows you to copy the password concatenated with the OTP. Thank you.

@Quexten what do you think of this feature?