Ability to prepend / append TOTP to password in autofill

I have a couple of apps that do not have a dedicated TOTP field / prompt. Instead I either prepend or append the totp in the password field.

It would be great to have a setting to allow for merging the totp and password in an entry for autofill.


Hey there,

I switched from KeePassXC and everything works great. Thank for the good work!
I miss one feature compared to KeePassXC.
I have entries with TOTP and some sites tend to aks for TOTP in the password field. In KeePassXC you can use {TOTP}password in password field and {TOTP} is replaced while copying the password field.
I searched a lot in Google and didn´t find anything.
Is there a way to use this (also with official Bitwarden Apps for iOS)?


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Feature name

  • Inline TOTP Support

Feature function

  • Support to configure an entry to fill the password field with (configurable) TOTP+Password or Password+TOTP.
  • When a TOTP entry is made, there should be a drop down option to decide what to do with it.
  1. Copy it to the clipboard after a password is filled
  2. Prepend the TOTP into the password field (TOTP+Password)
  3. Append the TOTP into the password field (Password+TOTP)

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