Ability to mark 2FA as done in the inactive 2FA report

The inactive 2FA report seems to list all the saved accounts which have the possibilty of enabling 2FA without the TOTP code saved in Bitwarden. I prefer to use a seperate authenticator app for my 2FA accounts rather than Bitwarden, therefore the list is mostly made up of accounts I have already set 2FA up for. It would be helpful if I could manually mark these accounts as ‘enabled’ or similar, so that they don’t show up in this report anymore.

Seconding this feature, but for other reasons

twofactorauth.org says that Steam offers 2FA… Which is true, but not using TOTP but from their own app. Same goes for twitch.tv which use Authy (which is spyware but that’s another discussion)
Another exemple for another issue, I have 2FA enabled on my GitHub account, with a physical U2F token (but not configured inside Bitwarden)

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This can be completed by saving any bit of information in the 2FA field for the password. It’s crude but it works wonders. I did this for stuff I use Authy for. Or my google/windows logins which use a Notification.

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