Ability to import exported TOTP secrets

I noticed there is an option to export an Authenticator vault in .json format, but no option for importing. Other 2FA apps support exporting to .json, .html, .txt, even directly from another authenticator app. It would be useful if Bitwarden Authenticator could provide importing options.

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That is apparently “coming soon”.

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What good is being able to export my TOTP secrets from Bitwarden Authenticator (iOS) if I can’t import them too?

I would love to have the ability to import the .json file, otherwise I have to manually copy all the secrets over which is laborious and time-consuming.

I want this too! Feature Resuest: Ability to import exported TOTP secrets

This was already announced on May 1st, 2024, in this blog article: Bitwarden just launched a new authenticator app. Here’s what it means to users. | Bitwarden Blog (see esp. the roadmap at the end of the article - and as written there, import function may be “coming soon”, as @DenBesten wrote)