Ability to filter out / hide certain collections

We would love to see an option where I can have a collection shared with me, but then not see items from that collection in my day to day usage - confusing to know which item to select (my own, or the one shared with me). Could there be a way to show/hide each collection? If I have an item in a hidden collection that matches the current domain, perhaps with a note saying ‘more items available in a hidden collection’.

It would be very useful if you could show/hide collections on each device; especially on smaller devices!

Reducing the number of collections shown would help keep the interface clean yet still provide access to others when you need it. Just simply unhide the desired collection.

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Running into this issue with a family plan now. A member of the family passed away so we’re sharing all of that person’s passwords with the whole family to help close accounts and access stuff that needs to be accessed. But that also means everyone is seeing duplicates for certain sites. I don’t want to have to log in/out or switch accounts or use the web vault, but also don’t want to see EVERYTHING all the time. Something in-between would be ideal.

Hey there, you can use access control to determine what shows up in your Bitwarden clients: User Types and Access Control | Bitwarden Help Center

As an owner/admin, you’ll still have access to everything in the admin view, but won’t see unnecessary items in the end user view.