Ability to change keyboard shortcuts in Firefox 60+

Previous issues had been opened for this but Firefox didn’t support changing them at the time. Firefox 60 will have support for extensions to change their shortcuts and it’d be great to be able to choose different keys for Bitwarden shortcuts like using ⌘+\ on macOS for those coming from 1Password.

GitHub Issue: https://github.com/bitwarden/browser/issues/512

For reference, this functionality was also recently added to PassFF: https://github.com/passff/passff/commit/020df0850b861773d6f4916c1b5c807bf92d0c59

Nice. Looks like Firefox now supports browser.commands.update.

Bump. This is a must have feature

Created an account to vote for this in particular - coming from 1Password, it’s my main frustration so far with otherwise great software.

Yes, please. I would love a 2 key shortcut instead of 3 keys!