Ability to add more than one vault for a single user (and assign custom names)

I’d like to see the ability to add additional vaults within the same account, to clearly separate things such as logins versus software licensing keys etc… with the ability to also rename the default “My Vault” to something more meaningful.

Currently, I store both logins for various services, encryption/SSH keys for servers, and software licensing keys/codes all in the one vault. Each of those items are linked to their corresponding folder.

However where it becomes messy is every time I login to Bitwarden and select “All items”, software licenses dominate the results (which I don’t need to see 99.9% of the time).

Likewise when searching for something (e.g.: “Adobe”), I have to wade through multiple results relating to Adobe software licences before I get to the Adobe login I’m looking for.

Creating multiple vaults means things can be better organised and segregated and I can exclude searching for software keys most of the time.

Creating an organisation isn’t really a solution to the problem, particularly for single users who will never share any of these items with another person (or group of people).

Hello @CyanLabs,

Do folders and nested folder resolve the functionality of organizing logins better in your vault?

Otherwise I do believe the team is working on vault tags which would work differently than the current folders\collections, to hopefully provide for a better user experience and organizational flow.
Though I’d be highly interested in the ability to have separate vaults under a single account.

Folders do assist greatly in segregating different items into categories, but it’s not a perfect solution. However because the web app (which is what I primarily use), defaults to “All items”, that displays a ton of the software licenses I have. Same as searching (as previously mentioned).

Yes, I could get around it by clicking on a specific folder then searching (or selecting) the login I want, but this slows things down and creates additional steps for the user.

As for tags, I have no view one way or another at this point, I’d have to see how that feature would be implemented in the future. However I suspect that it wouldn’t really assist in this instance. I use folders kind of like tags already. I also use 1Password at work (which already features tags) and I don’t like it. I find it a little cumbersome and quite messy. This is based on decades of using KeePass where I’m used to (and prefer) the folder/separate database (vault) approach.

Ideally, I’d like one vault for logins, passwords, internet accounts etc… and an entirely separate vault for software licensing keys, codes and related files (which I have many of). They are two very distinct types of items which (in my mind) should be kept totally separate (albeit, they all belong to me). If I may use an analogy: At the moment it’s a bit like having your fridge shelves organised for various types of foods but on one shelf, you’re also storing cleaning products. If I go to the fridge (a vault), I’m there looking for specific types of things and I shouldn’t expect to find irrelevant items.

Of course, if implemented, this would be completely optional to each user. For me, and others like me, it would just add that extra bit of polish to what is already a nice product. For those users who want to have everything in one place, or organise things differently, they still can.

I’d like to chime in here - I am also looking for the ability to have multiple vaults. I use the web extensions often to auto-fill logins. The feature of detecting the current URL and showing relevant accounts is great, but I manage accounts for many entities and I have duplicates for every site. (e.g. AWS cloud login). Having multiple vaults and treating them like “profiles” (similar to multiple profiles in Chrome, for instance) would allow me to select the appropriate entity that I am currently working on (and additionally an “all accounts” mode) so that I can choose a subset of logins to show. I would organize my credentials by which entity they belong to.

I think that I’d prefer to have entity (profile?) specific folder structures. Perhaps with a tagging system a single credential could be organized into folder “A” in one profile, folder “B” in another profile, and folder “C” in the “all organizations” view (or not in any folder in any of the above).

Thanks for considering!