A way to allow screenshots for Bitwarden

Is there a way to turn on screenshots for the Bitwarden. I believe that screenshot is being blocked for security purposes, but I would like to know if there is a way to enable it like in last pass. The reason I want this is because I support my mom using Any desk. Right now, if you open bitwarden on her android device, the remote screen blanks out so I can’t see what she is doing. I know that this would decrease security, but not being able to see the screen means she will have to take a picture using her phone and send it to me on each step, making a 5 minute task to an hour task.

Not an answer to your question. But how about this? If she already trusts you with her passwords: Why not open Bitwarden yourself on your device and then guide her step by step?

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You are underestimating the low level of technology competence. She is unable to describe anything on her screen in any way that is coherent. If you ask her to read the error on screen, she will read you everything top left to the bottom right of the screen. If you ask her to click or type in something, it’s like working with someone who is super bad with Charades. A conversation will go like this “Click on the ok button”, the reply would be where is the OK button on screen. Telling her to press the button that said OK apparently won’t help. She has to take a picture, where I then circle the control she has to press and send the alter screen back. Without remote desktop, getting her to shutdown the computer will take 30 minutes where I send pictures of the start menu step by step or a you tube link. Everything has to be exact or she gets confused.

My mother was the same when she got her 1st smartphone. During all her life she never wanted to have to do anything with a computer. Fast forward a few months. Some time ago she told me: I had this problem. So I went into the advanced WiFi settings, did this and that and got it solved. Me: 8-O

So just give your mother some more time.

You mom is more motivated to learn than my mom. 20 years ago, when I lived near her, I would try to teach her stuff. Nothing advance like programming macros or something, but just simple stuff like turning on the computer, reading email, etc. What I find is that she still doesn’t know how to do most of that stuff. I know that if she tried, she can figure it out. For example, she’s become a whiz at Whatsapp because all her siblings on it. They whatsapp each other constant. she whatsapp me constantly so I eventually deleted the app. Even though it’s the same principle as whatapp, she can’t figure out how to use the SMS text because the interface is too different.

After 20 years of this, I have given up and just try to take the easiest path. Her login are setup for biometrics whenever possible because she can’t in any password over 5 characters. She has a password manager to managed all of her password because she forgets them and calls us for help. Her tablets and phone have a launcher that makes everything looks exactly the same. Her home page has icons that links to the sites she wants to visit because she doesn’t know how to type in a url.

I don’t know if this is a good idea. I understand the need of taking screenshots, but I wouldn’t want that feature to be on forever once turned on. I guess you could allow for screenshots – say for five minutes – before the app automatically denied screenshots again.

In this case, I am trading security for convenience. I would probably keep it on, but beef up the security for the remote desktop software. Everyone must make their choice on where they want to stand. Increasing security may result in loss of convenience, but that is a decision the user must make.

I’ve been creating some documentation for our internal wiki. I used a tool to duplicate the android display on my computer screen and then take the screenshot on my computer. Hell… I even took videos explaining what I did that way.

I tend to use scrcpy (but I’m not afraid of the command line). There are other tools out there too (I think Vysor is a common one) but I’m not comfortable using a third party application (especially when it also offers screen sharing into the cloud and that kind of stuff) for this kind of situations…

Here are a few links:
How to Mirror an Android Device to a PC or Laptop (on scrcpy)
Top 5 Free Way to Mirror Android Phone without Rooting

If you would be so lucky to have both a USB-C phone and a USB-C display (which I don’t), I was told you can just plug it in… never tried it though.

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