A way to add color to hidden fields, notes, and text like they are a password


I noticed that Passwords have color. But Hidden Fields do not. There should be an option to enable or disable color on those hidden fields like they are in Passwords. So have an enable/disable option to allow that to happen on any field created.

There are two requests here. One is for colours to be applied to hidden fields, the other is to extend the classes of items colourised. Feature requests should have a single item only, whereas these are independent.

While the first can run, with the second request I have some disagreement. The purpose I see for colours is to distinguish symbol types, especially so that similar characters in different classes are not confused. However, in general terms, the more colours the harder something is to read. Balancing these, I do not really see a need to distinguish uppper from lower case alpha text. Numbers and symbols are already distinguished from alpha and each other. Is there a particular issue of confusion like the usual O0 1Il| sets that you have come across?

This one here was about adding color like a password to hidden fields, notes, and text as an option to disable or enable. Just so when I add a second password I can get the same color from symbols and numbers from the way a password normally does. I have taken out about capital letters receiving color as I can see why that can be confusing. Lastly the second feedback that was placed about character that are too similar. Are separate from this feedback that is posted. I was asking for a change of fonts for everything in fields like the username, password, notes, hidden fields, etc. So that O0 1Il| could be more easily distinguish I know a font that would well with that is Menlo.

It would be nice to have the option to color all fields to help differentiate the symbols and numbers like how passwords is.