A URI matching option that will match exact host if available, otherwise domain

I am using the Chrome plugin (although I’m sure they all work the same in this respect). When I used another password manager, I saved all the URIs with domain only since some websites make you sign up on one subdomain and login on another.

When I set the URI matching to domain, I get too many results for my self-hosted services as they are all hosted on their own subdomain. If I go to one of them (joplin.mydomain.com) then I get results for all the other services on mydomain.com.

When I set the URI matching to host, my hosted services show up for only the one I am at. This is great. The only problem is that all of my entries for google.com, do not show up for www.google.com or mail.google.com.

I propose either another setting, or a change to how host matching works now. I need it to only show matching hosts if they exist, and show entries that match the domain if they do not. A little button or something in the interface to expand the domain entries would also work when in host mode.


Next to the URI in the vault entry is a menu that lets you set the matching rule for that particular URI. Not all entries need to use the same “global default” match rule.

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Since I only have the too many results with my personal domain, I guess I should set it to domain global matching and change the matching for my self-hosted services. Does that sound like the easiest way to the goal?

Do you have more vault items that require “Base Domain” matching (like google.com), or more vault items that require “Host” matching (like joplin.mydomain.com)?

Whichever you have more of, that is the configuration that you should use for the gobal default (under Settings > Auto-fill > Default autofill setting for login items).

For the items that will need a URI matching method that differs from the global default, Edit each item, and click the :gear: icon to the right of the URI field to toggle the visibility of a dropdown menu for URI match detection; change the value of the dropdown selector from “Default match detection” to either “Host” or “Base Domain” — i.e., the opposite of what you had set for the global default in Settings > Auto-fill. Don’t forget to click Save when done.

That sounds great thanks. This should do fine without any new features.

I will move this topic to the Ask the Community section of the forum and mark it as solved.

If you, or anybody reading this, is still interested in a feature of the nature you have proposed, there is an existing feature request thread that is relevant (although I strongly recommend that you read through all posts in that before voting or commenting):