A Javascript error occurred in the main proccess (win10 app error)

I have a error when i try to run the win10 app.
There was a reinstall, i waited for an update
Uncaught Exception:
Error: EXDEV: Cross-device link not permitted, rename
c:\user…\AppData\Roaming\Bitwarden\data.json.378266903 -> …data.json
first there isn’t any Bitwarden files or folder at the roaming folder
at Object.renameSync (fs.js:619:3)
at function.writeFileSync [as sync]

Can I make a clean install from Win10 store?
I tried the uninstall, reinstall
at the applications/bitwarden / spec setup
repair, remove, default restore
nothing helped

I need to use bitwarden on win10
Any idea what is the problem and why did it happe

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I am having same problem. Have tried the same steps as you, including running as admin etc. No Joy.