A few ways to make the passkeys system better


I just wanted to say that I’m excited for passkeys in Bitwarden, but I do have a few ideas and thoughts that I hope can be a part of the rollout.

I’ve watched the passkey introduction video but it seems unintuitive, instead of having a whole new “Passkeys” section, as it’s just another way to login it should be under the general login.

Just like how the current system works where let’s say a site only has a note instead of a username/password and the website is shown under login but without any credentials, when saving just a passkey, it should save it under the login details with the email associated or just the name based on how the website in question functions, and likewise for sites that use both it should be under username/password options such as the passkey like how notes are shown.

So in this way, instead of having a harder to manage system it would simply be a part of the current system and it would be far easier to manage for websites with multiple login options.

Also, I know the video doesn’t directly represent the production build or the final product but instead of a new tab opening for the passkey selection, the extension menu should open, show the passkey/s for the website and allow us to login directly from there, and the default option should be to login and just as how it’s currently done with passwords the most recent used passkey should be selected and by simply pressing enter when the extension menu opens the login should be initiated.

These are just ideas and I’m not demanding anything as I’m a casual free user so in terms of business I don’t contribute and can’t contribute in code unfortunately but I just thought that the way that other password managers are rolling out passkeys is odd and unintuitive so it would give an edge for Bitwarden if it was a lot simpler.

That video is quite old now, so it’s very possible that the final product will be different, but I do remember that it seemed strange to me when I first watched it that there was an entirely new category for passkeys instead of them just being part of each login.

I don’t know if it has to be done this way for some technical reason, but from a usability perspective it’s not the best choice and it’s somewhat inexplicable why they chose to do it this way.

But as I (and you) said, the final product could be quite different, so I guess we should be patient.