502 Bad Gateway


I’m totally new with all this server stuff and especially with Docker

I have set up an Alpine VM on ESXi 7 and installed Bitwarden on it.
I can log in to Bitwarden with the local IP of the VM.

Now I have pointed a mydomain.ddns.net to
xyz.myfritz.net ( My.Fritz Domain) on my FritzBox (Router)

nslookup says that it arrives here

From the FritzBox it is directed to my
Nginx Reverse Manager, then to
IP of the VM with HTTPS:

On the NRM, I have successfully created an SSL certificate.

Following This the domain comes correctly to my NRM

but when i log in with domain name:
# 502 Bad Gateway

As I was never before faced with this Error, I would kindly ask here to give me advice how to solve this Pls.

What have I done wrong in these settings:
Needs the Docker another Port?

Many THX for instructions

Hi @Witzker , I’d recommend perhaps reaching out to our Support Team for some more assistance - they’d be happy to help!

A big THX to you sj-bitwarden
especially because you’re the only one at days who even reports here in the forum
As said, I’m a total newbie
I also have only 1 answer to my newcomer’s questions here in the forum besides you
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DRAMA! - What do you all Think?

The problem only arose on my part, apparently due to my excitement as a newbie and late in the night, to finally get it to work & dyslexia too (but it seems I’not the only one in her)

But please don’t be angry, but after my previous experiences, here I really doubt the efficiency of this forum!

Your Suggestion:
Contacting support…

But at least a fantastic example that one just don’t look at it and actually look closely at the topic at all.
And as apparently here as well as in other forums, only post RTFM & to contact the support. (which is actually the best way – THX for the link!)

If I actually really contacted support with this, I would not only have wasted their valuable time, but
In this case, I would have won the “Idiot of the day” award for sure

So no offense sj-bitwarden

PS: does someone know another place where to get quicker response?
Maybe on GitHub?

But with this post, I would also be a perfect candidate to win TOO the “Idiot of the month” award there.

What do you all think to get these… ?