4 Separate Bank Accounts with Same Financial Institution

I have four separate online bank accounts with the same financial institution. Each of these accounts has its own unique user ID and own unique password. All four accounts are housed in the same website address.

I created the first account in Bitwarden’s Vault with its unique user ID and password and it works great.

But when I created the 2d, 3rd and 4th bank accounts (Items) in Bitwarden – each with their unique user IDs and passwords – the vault accepts the unique user names but then gets confused and defaults to the previous bank account password. BW keeps the user ID but then defaults to the bank account password I used previously on BW.

My workaround has been to delete the 2d, 3rd, and 4th bank Items in BW and use only the 1st one in BW. As a result I have to log into 2, 4 and 4 the normal way thru my web brower, but I’d like to use all four in BW,

Does anyone have a solution to this? Thanks

By “confused”, are you referring to their storage/organization in your BW vault, or an auto-filling feature mixing up your different entries?

Thanks for responding.

It’s the password auto filling feature. It fills in the password from my most recent visit to the financial institution’s website. With four different or separate accounts housed in the financial institution’s website, this is not necessarily where I want to go.