2FA works for Facebook, Github, Protonmail, but not PayPal or eBay?

I am trying to figure out why is it that putting the 2FA security key in Bitwarden works for some sites and not for others.

It works for Facebook, Github, Protonmail, Google, and Amazon, but it doesn’t work for PayPal, eBay, Boxcryptor, or DropBox?

If it was some kind of time-sync error wouldn’t it not work for any of the sites? I can’t find any information on this. If there are existing threads be kindly point me to them. It is kind of aggravating me that I can’t have all my 2FA codes generated by Bitwarden. Maybe I will just move them all to Google Authenticator.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

PayPal and Dropbox work flawlessly for me on a variety of devices and Bitwarden clients. Have you tried enabling 2FA for those accounts again in case something went wrong on the first attempt?

eBay? Why eBay? Is in your region TOTP available for eBay? Or how did you implement eBay into Bitwarden (even if it does not work for you) ? In my region for 2FA they only offer SMS or to make use of their app.

Yeah, that was a mistake on my part. You’re right about eBay.

Yes, I have disabled and re-enabled it for every attempted service. I just set it up and it was working for Discord’s website, but then I removed it and added it back (with a new key) and it doesn’t work anymore. Says invalid code. I really want to figure out what is the cause of this because it’s really worrying that discordapp.com was just working and now it’s telling me invalid code.

PayPal definitely tells me invalid code. I’ll just try again and hopefully it will work, but this problem is really weird and I’d seriously like to figure out the cause.