2FA with team plan


Can someone help me please with this question, because the Bitwarden support seems to be running on auto message replies instead of listening to their customers.

I just signed up for a Team plan, hooray.
My goal was to use Bitwarden and share credentials for web projects we develop in our team, services we use (mailgun, DNS, etc…).
All applications are secured by 2FA by myself before I had Bitwarden.

Now I’m struggling with following:
I have created a login for a given service. Now I need to add the 2FA but Bitwarden says I need to upgrade AGAIN to use 2FA while I’m already on a premium Teams plan that says 2FA is included.
I don’t understand it. Why??

And how can I share that login with my team member AND so he can also use the 2FA security token that is required?

The support just replies with canned responses about it “suppose to be like this” and show me the green box with upgrading to premium version…
Which makes no sense when I’m already on a premium Teams plan.

I hope somebody can help me out please, with a step by step or screenshot or simple video, anything is better than the support feedback now.

I’m using 1password since 2 years, I have no problems with them. I just thought Bitwarden would be nicer/easier given the interface but so far I’m only disappointed how this thing is working.


Hi @codeagency,

Sorry for any confusion on this. The Teams edition supports upgraded sharing features from the standard user plan. The users in a Teams organization are not upgraded to Premium memberships, those can be added on a per-user basis.

If your goal is to support many users with sharing AND premium user features, then an Enterprise plan is what you’ll want.

Enterprise will enable everything from Teams, such as collection-sharing and the ability add additional users, as well as Premium functions (built-in OTP codes, premium two-step logins, etc) - and will additionally give you the ability to implement user groups and even organization policies to make sure all users abide by the same security rules.

I have to say after looking into this myself that it is MASSIVELY misleading how it is described on the pricing page.

In the Compare Business Paths and Plans table, it very clearly shows TOTP Authenticator Storage and Generator as being part of the Teams plan. It does show any disclaimer that a Premium upgrade is REQUIRED for this feature.

It is not unreasonable to assume it is included already for the price with a blue tick in that column. You need to be more transparent with your price/plan comparison. Sneaking this in with the “need to upgrade to premium” in the Premium Features row is not acceptable.

A more accurate way to display this would be:

TOTP Authenticator Storage & Generator: * only on shared Vault/Collection. Individual team members require upgrading to Premium for their own Vaults.

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Thanks for the feedback on this - we recently changed the display for features and pricing and this was not very clear. We’ve updated the page to reflect this (and other teams info) more transparently.

100% agree with this. Bitwarden pricing is confusing for Teams/Enterprise and also for Premium/Family. The comparison table doesn’t help as it leads you to believe if you have Family you get everything in Premium (except for YubiKey, U2F, Duo) but this is not the case. You need to buy Premium and also Family.

This is one of the reasons I recommend 1Password to anyone needing more than a Free or Premium account, their pricing is crystal clear. At every tier you get everything from the lower priced tiers.

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