✅ 2FA TOTP optional longer codes

It would be nice to have the option to use the longer 7 or 8 digit TOTP code lengths. I know Authy supports them.

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Agreed. Battle.net requires 8 digit generated TOTP codes

Not sure how I missed this, but we support more than 6 digits :sunglasses:

Take a peek here for more details:



Oh cool :smiley: - Will have to figure out how can use this for battle.net instead of using their own app just for authenticator codes

Sorry, I think I actually meant the 2FA for bitwarden login. May was a lifetime ago.

Hi @tgreer ! Could you explain how to manually change the otpauth://totp/ URI? The docs says you need to do that to be able to change the amount of digits, but it does not say how to do it :sweat:

Hey @coluccini great question! Here is the example from the Help Center article.


Thanks! But I’m asking where can I change (or run?) that?

It tries to open System Preferences (i’m on macOS)… Shouldn’t it open bitwarden? I want bitwarden to start showing me a 7 digits code for a vault item instead of the default 6…

Ah yes, you can just input that into the key field in Bitwarden.

Closing as previously implemented. DM me if needed :+1: