2FA+Login Methods

I have set up 2FA with Google Authenticator but have never had to use it.
Do you recommend logging in using the Vault or a Bookmark?
I use FF & Chrome browsers.

Do you mean you set up BW’s 2FA using Google authenticator?

I think for a website that you only save one URL, which points to the login page, that works either way. if you have multiple URLs pointing to different pages, URLs in BW start getting unwieldy because you can only see part of it, and you can’t give it a description, so bookmarks would be better.

If you use Google authenticator beyond 2FA for BW, I’d recommend thinking about using other TOTP 2FA apps. If you are on Android, think about 2FAS or Aegis. If you Google account is compromised, you don’t want your 2FA codes to be compromised too. Also, Google may know your TOTP secrets, which mean whoever get access to it will be able to read it too.

A very educated reply, but does not answer my post.

To be fair, your question is not very clear. You’ve asked one question (“Do you recommend logging in using the Vault or a Bookmark?”), but the rest of your post (including the post title, and the first and last sentence of your post) seem to be completely irrelevant to your question.

I would concur with @Neuron5569: In regards to your question about using the Bitwarden vault or a Bookmark to launch your login pages, I think it makes more sense to use a bookmark, because Bitwarden is not designed to be a bookmark manager app, so it does not offer the same functionality and useability as a dedicated bookmark manager app.

When saving a bookmark, do you do it on the login page or after getting logged in?

It would make most sense to bookmark the login page, when possible.