2FA Codes dont Show in macOS App

Just moved over to Bitwarden premium from Myki. Myki is going away and I needed something quick. Ive tested just about all the password manager apps there are, and I like Bitwarden the most so far. Myki was imo the best at handling 2FA, so that’s the only thing im a little disappointed with so far with Bitwarden. I do however like the feature of auto-copying the 2FA code to the clipboard when logging in, but in the macOS app, there is no way to see your 2FA codes?? I can see them in the iOS app and the web portal, but not in the macOS app. If I edit a login entry, I can see the authenticator key, but that of course doesnt help me. is there something im missing?

Hi @fizpop - welcome!

It sounds like the app has not picked up your new premium subscription yet, so the feature is not displaying.

Try manually syncing and/or logging out and logging in again, which is likely to fix it. Cheers!

Hi Daivd. Thanks! Logging out and In again fixed it. Strangely I had tried this already earlier, but maybe it needed a bit of time.
Thanks again

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