2fa and second device - Emergency Contact

Ok lets start. I had to factory reset my phone and not realized that my Google authenticator was my 2fa for bitwarden. Hence, the account is locked and “no” i dont have the recovery code.

So, If my wife has an account and she is able to get in, and we have an organization setup. Is there a way i can promote her as an emergency contact and be able to gain access to my vault?

We have a Premium account,

Hi Richard - welcome, and sorry to hear about losing access to your authenticator.

Your wife will still be able to access any credentials shared in your organization, but if you had additional credentials stored in your personal vault, they will not be accessible to her. You will only be able to access those if you have another device where 2FA was “remembered” and you can still login. :crossed_fingers:

To create an emergency contact, you absolutely need to be able to login to your account. Is there any chance you created an (unencrypted) backup of your personal vault or a secondary 2FA method (e.g., email, hardware security key)?

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Hi David
No I did not have any backups.

So I am in a pickel here and the emergency contact is not an option. So if I can’t delete my account since I am the administrator and have an organization. How do I login so I can remove the organization so I can delete my account???

That being said will I be able to use the same email account to setup the new account that I just deleted??:grin:

Thank you for the help!

Darn - I was hoping that perhaps there was a solution for you. Sorry that I could not suggest something workable.

Your best bet, I think, is to contact the CS team at Bitwarden and see what they recommend - perhaps they can help. Here is the URL:

I did earlier and they told me that they can delete the account and organization if I reply. But I was wondering if I can setup another account with the same email. I have read online that is not an option.

Once your account has been deleted, yes, you can reuse your old email. Just create an account again with your email address on Bitwarden, and then ask the Bitwarden CS team to transfer your premium account subscription (they may already do this if you have been in contact with them - not sure).


Just make sure to manually copy any of your organization credentials using your wife’s account before the organization gets deleted.

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I already exported the Json file already.

I cannot thank you enough for all your help.