2 words passphrase

some websites have password limits, the minimum limit that Bitwarden generates will be over the limit. so, please reduce the passphrase words minimum limit to 2

@b49478 Welcome to the forum!

What types of websites were you planning to use such a password for? Can you provide some examples (real or hypothetical)? With a 2-word passphrase, there are only 60 million possibilities, which makes the password very easy to guess. Is there a reason why you can’t use a password consisting of a random string of characters instead?


there are a lot of traditional website that don’t support long password. as my country, china, Baidu support only 15 chars long password.

as for the security, the different divider “-”, caps or not, different position of the number, could add up to a lot of possibilities.

for the a random string of characters, it is not easy to type on a different device.

Is it really that difficult to type only five characters? (for example, N2y&8)