2 logins per domain

Just loaded and imported from Lastpass.
Lastpass allowed me to set autofill on a per login basis. This is important for me as a number of my logins to banks and credit cards have 2 different logins - mine and my wife’s. I tried it with BW and it locked into the first one I used. When I click on the other login it continues to use the previous one.
Can I make this happen with BW?

Adding the two (or more) accounts is possible in separate entries. Make sure you add the URI.

A simple workflow is to create a fully functional entry (Name, Username, Password, URI) and then clone it, edit the clone updating the Username both can have the same name and visually they can be identified with the Username. (see image).

Web Vault

Screenshot 20200330154238e

Once on the site, click on BW’s extension and the matching accounts should appear (see image).


So the problem was I needed to open the icon on the toolbar and dbl click on the login I want, which is not as convenient as Lastpass where I click on the login field and select the desired login.

OK, thanks