1st character not registered when using Windows Hello unlock


After the latest update when I’m trying to unlock my vault the 1st character I type is not registered. This happens in the Desktop app, Firefox and Brave extensions.
I have set a PIN for Windows Hello Biometrics and when I receive the PIN prompt to unlock, no matter how long I wait before I start typing, the 1st character is always missed.
For example:
PIN set to 1234 → type in 1234 → Bitwarden prompt registers only 3 chars (234) and unlock fails
PIN set to 1234 → type in 11234 → Bitwarden prompt registers 4 chars (1234) and unlock works

In the 2023.4.0 release notes I saw something related to Windows Hello security improvements, is this related to it or is it just a bug?


Hey @flrn if a reinstall doesn’t resolve the issue, can you drop a bug report here for the team to investigate further?