1Password user needs BW help on Mac


Long-term happy 1Password (family sub) user here - works excellently on my Macs and iPhone/iPad, it’s not as good on Windows but for me that’s only a gaming PC so not such a big deal.

Now Bitwarden interests me as we’re starting a move towards a single preferred password manager solution at work (which is a Windows shop) and I’m part of the team putting the case together…

1Password is too Apple-focused so is obviously out - it’s also not open source.
LastPass is…well guess I don’t need to explain that one - it’s out.
DashLane is not open source - it’s out.
KeePass and Bitwarden are the 2 runners, and general perception amongst our Architecture and Security teams is that Bitwarden is the one to go for.

So I’m giving BW a try on my Mac: imported my main vault (500+ items) from 1P - ok doesn’t support tags, but folders should be fine and I’ve set them up (though nesting folders wan’t obvious and I had to RTFM for that !).

Now in 1P I click on the site I want to go to, it opens it in Safari and fills in my user name and password ready for me to hit submit/enter etc - this is what I expect.

But with BW this doesn’t seem to work - it brings up the site, but it doesn’t fill the login details - I can do that with CMD+, but that’s an unnecessary step and I cannot believe this cannot be done automatically - however I’ve looked through the help section and blog and as far as I can see it should just happen - so why isn’t it ?

I’ve turned off all my installed security software in case they were interfering somehow, I’ve disabled 1P, I’ve checked through BW settings and Mac System Settings and don’t see anything that might have an impact. I’m runing MacOS Catalina, and the latest BW downloaded from the website.

Any thoughts ?

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