1Password and freedom of speech


It might be not the right place but hell, I want to just vent it out.

Here is the thing. I created lots of topics and made a lot of comments in 1Password forums (application made by AgileBits) but I realized that none of my comments and posts were published to public. It was purely chance. I was surfing the web in my phone without any logins, and there I saw. My topics and posts were not shown in the forums. I thought it might be a mistake, maybe a bug, so I created a forum topic. Well, no response to that. Then I created a ticket to the support team.

“Why are my comments and topics are not visible to others? I found it by chance. If you don’t like my comments and posts, please say so, and end my membership, give a full refund and I will use other services which are not censoring their users.”

Those were my exact words.

And their response was

“Thank you for getting back to us.
As requested, I’ve refunded your recent payment and have cancelled your membership. Here’s what happens now:
• Your 1Password account is frozen meaning you can reactivate it at any time.
• You’ll receive the refund within 10 business days.
If you have any questions about 1Password, feel free to email us in the future.”.

Now, even my Reddit posts are blocked.

This is not a whine post. I wanted to everyone be aware of how a major competitor company treats to their customers.

I received a full refund from 1Password. This proves that they don’t care about their customers and their right of freedom of speech.


Big if true! What did you said for them to block your posts?

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Impressive customer service. Sounds like they did exactly what you asked them to do. Most companies I have dealt with would not refund an unhappy customer. I think this shows that they care about their customers.

The purpose of 1Password’s forum is to support their customers and promote their products. It is not a town hall meeting, you do not have the right of free speech. If what you’re saying is not helpful to 1Password or their customers then they have the right to suppress it. I have noticed this happen on other support forums, but 1Password does seem keener than most at keeping it on topic.


Most of my posts were about product bug and improvement suggestions.

Some example posts and comments

“It looks like 1P v8 is not compatible with below nvidia setting. It was set to High Quality and when I switched it back to Quality 1P screen turned to normal.”

I have Intune iOS App Protection policies active and I want to include 1Password into protected app list but I don’t know how. I added “custom app” and selected “com.agilebits.onepassword-ios” as bundle ID but it didn’t work. My aim is to copy paste contents from protected apps like MS Office in my iOS devices.

How can I achieve that?

For some reason AgileBits team doesn’t trust TPM chip and Windows, but they trust Apple products.

That is just bad design. Why would anyone hide it there?

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1Password is insufferable especially lately. They really don’t listen to their customers, if you want a new feature they say “great idea I’ll add it to our list” and nothing ever comes. 1Password as a whole has the attitude that they know better and will smile with a smug face when they say it. After they got the funding it seems to only have gotten worse and I’m so glad I left them.


After they got the funding it seems to only have gotten worse

Funding for what?

I first encountered problems with 1P, which they never resolved, when the 1P Mini wouldn’t load on my 2011 MacBook Pro. They kept telling me to send them the diagnostics report, but after about a dozen of those, it got a bit lame!

Then a couple of years ago, I had a whinge at them on their forums after I had bought their product and then they wanted me to buy it again, I think for a small update to their desktop programme. I can’t remember what excuse they came up with, but basically told me that no company offered updates for free. I responded with, ‘Apple does.’

That seemed to really upset them. But I don’t understand why. Unless it was that they were caught out lying.

Now, there is no option to buy it. Their system turned into subscription only app.

As for funding, they received extra 100 Million USD

They are no longer listening to their customers. When someone gives feedback they say, “we will forward it to the development team” and that is all. There is no open communication, no roadmap, no status report, nothing at all. Customers don’t have a clue what is going on in the background. Their latest v8 is turned out to be very bad, and they lied to their customers. (Here is the tweet from their devs). People are complaining in their forums and in Reddit but they are either giving generic answers or ignoring them. There is also a very big possibility that many negative topics were censored, like mine.


Just for the edification of all: “Freedom of Speech” to the degree that it exists derives from the First Ammendmant to the constitution. That ammendment does a lot, but it part it limits congress’ ability to pass laws that limit speech. So the government can’t limit your speech (for the most part). But Safeway can. Walmart can. Twitter can. And 1Password can.
They may have treated customers poorly, I won’t pass judgement here. But they’re within their rights to do so.

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To me, that article reads like an advertorial. That’s not serious journalism in my book.

Thanks for posting the link.

Here is another link from 1Password official blog page. [Investing in our future (again!) | 1Password]

Gonna update this topic. It has been many months and still they didn’t change their behavior. I tried to create a topic (not complaint, just feedback about their browser extension has large fonts) but it is not visible to others. I wrote it in their Reddit, and it is blocked by mods. I asked mod team and they are totally ignoring me. I also sent an email to their support regarding their reasoning for blocking my posts, but they replied with “Our policy is to not comment on the specifics of our anti-spam and moderation within the public forum”