1Password 1pux file import: You cannot import a file this big

I’m sure this is answered somewhere, but I’m new to bitwarden. Been using 1Password extensively and feels like it would be good to try bitwarden as you just never know.

My problem is that I have over 3,000 1Password entries (in my personal vault). It seems to create a 72MB .1pix file no matter how few or many records I select in 1Password 8 (so may be note about select a few records to export doesn’t work in 1Password anymore.

The problem is that when I try to import a file this big, I get the message:

You cannot import this much data at once

So how do I cut up 1Password Full disclosure, I have a couple of organizations with separate vaults, but this is my personal and biggest one).

According to 1Password documentation, the .1pux format is just a .zip file. I would suggest changing its extension to .zip, then using File Explorer to explore the .zip file, and delete the contents of the files folder, which is probably what is making your file too big. Then change the file extension back to .1pux and attempt the import again.

Before you do the above, make a backup copy of the .1pux, because it contains your attachments (which will not be imported into Bitwarden).

Why do they make the file format so mysterious, thanks for the tip!

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