YubiKey naming in two-factor YubiKey OTP Security Key settings

Feature name

  • User provided names for YubiKeys

Feature function

Currently if you have multiple YubiKeys added, they only get named as YubiKey 1, YubiKey 2, etc.

If the user could define the names for each YubiKey, they could instantly identify which one to retire from being allowed to be used with their account if they lose/upgrade a YubiKey. Currently they need to compare the YubiKey output to YubiKey listing in two-factor account security settings.

I believe If you have a FIDO2 compatible Yubikey this does allow the keys to be named accordingly.
I would like to see if it could be made available for OTP codes though too.

Yes, I should have been more specific that I meant the YubiKey OTP Security Key usage where you only get the 1-5 naming.

EDIT: I modified the title of the request to reflect this.