Yubikey and Samsung S21 Ultra

I have not been able to figure out how to use my Yubikey on my Samsung S21 Ultra with Bitwarden.
I do have it setup and working on my desktop machine and that works very well. I would appreciate any help that you could provide with this issue.
Thanks, Bob Ivey


Did you ever sort this out? Or get a reply? I have the same / similar issue but with Samsung s23 ultra. The youtube videos make it seem so simple but not the case for me. I am even having one or two issues on the laptop with the yubikey 5c nfc. I think it’s to do with passkeys - but what do I know? I selected the WebAuthn FIDO2 option as online research seems to say it is a more secure option. My phone rejects the key as does my laptop on first couple of attempts to log in. Then miraculously it works, I also have not been able to set up a second backup yubikey.

A confused Bitwarden user