Yubikey 5 no valida en Password Manager

Buenos días, estoy empezando a utilizar las llaves Yubico, al intentar ponerla en Password Manager, no la coge, me he dado cuenta de que en la pantalla, pone claramente Yubikey 4 o NEO y no es la que yo tengo, la mia es la version 5.

¿Sabemos para cuando se activaran este tipo de llave o esta versión?

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English translation (via Google translate) from @ircmer :

“Good morning, I am starting to use the Yubico keys, when I try to put it in Password Manager, it does not pick it up, I have noticed that on the screen, it clearly says Yubikey 4 or NEO and it is not the one I have, mine is the one version 5.
Do we know when this type of key or this version will be activated?
Thank you”

@ircmer This must be a translation mistake (or not updated for a long time) - I don’t think it is different for your region. In the English version you can see, that the series 5 is supported:

Anyway, I guess for what you want to do with your YubiKeys here, you have to pick the “FIDO2 WebAuthn”-option (and then follow the process there).

ok, muchas gracias lo intentaré.

Translation from Google translate:

“ok, thank you very much, I’ll try it.”