Yubikey 5 Nfc Not Working On Second PC - Just Solved, read my reply

For some reason my Yubikey 5 NFC is not working on my second PC. I recently changed my master password and logged out of all my active sessions, then logged in back on my main pc and mobile phone, but in my second pc my 2fa doesnt work or at least bitwarden doesnt accept my yubikey as a valid 2fa. I tried to log in to different browser extensions and web apps but none of them worked. Then i log out on my main pc and tried to log in and Voila! i succesfully logged in. So, i couldnt understand the problem. What might be the reason keeping me out of my bitwarden accounts on second pc? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Guys just solved it. On my main pc i only use english as the system and input language. On my second pc (my laptop) i use both english + my native and the problem caused by turning into native language as input. Once I’ve changed input language to english, problem solved. I know this is silly lol.