Wrong pass being chosen for two stage logins like Amazon

Loving Bitwarden for a year now, but I have a problem with logging into Amazon and other sites where the username is on one page and then password is on the next page. I have two amazon accounts, both logins are saved to bitwarden. The problem is Bitwarden seems to input the password for the last account that I logged into rather than the corresponding password to the account that I’m trying to log into now.

In case it makes a difference, I also use firefox built in pass manager as a backup system and maybe this is interfering? Or is bitwarden not currently able to match the password with the previous page’s username?

The danger is that once logged in, Bitwarden wrongly asks if I want to update my password and if I click yes then one account’s password overwrites the other (which is why I still rely on FF pass manager as backup).

Thanks for any advice!

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