Work email or personal email as the main account?

Bitwarden has a personal vault and allows you to have organisations.

I’d like to use it for both, do you use your work email or your personal email?

Welcome @Jeff_C
I don’t think bitwarden has this feature yet. Why not give share your thoughts in the requests below?Also give a vote. According to @tgreer, the feature is on their roadmap.

From the Roadmap
Bitwarden Roadmap

Screenshot_2020-08-17 Work email or personal email as the main account

Thanks for the reply.

While I think BW does allow us to change accounts by logging out of the chrome extension and logging in with another account to load different vaults… my question wasn’t actually asking exactly about this.

So right now, I have BW setup using my business email, which I intend to share some logins with the team – which are stored in my personal vault, as well as an organisation (and collection).

I also have personal logins in my personal vault.

My question was, would you use your personal email or business email as the main login? I guess it can be either, since all logins can be stored in the account…

One option is to keep work vaults connected to work emails, and personal vaults connected to personal emails. This would create two vaults with two logins. Then you can use the Bitwarden free 2-person organization to create shared collections.

My bad. Sorry I didn’t really understand what you meant

But what’s the point of creating 2 accounts/logins when you can organise them into different folders and organisations?

That’s all good, no need to apologise! Appreciate your input.

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I guess what confuses me is… whether it’s a personal account or business acount, every account has a default “My Vault”, and the option to create an Organisation in which case all logins of an organisation will also show in the default “My Vault”.

So I’m not sure whether if I should store my personal logins in my business account, or store my business logins in my personal account, or have them seperate and store everything in each one of their “My Vaults”…

Hi Jeff_C, please have a look here:

MyVault is the kind of root vault that the primary, initiating user starts with.
The initial user invites new org members and decides how initial logins are shared.
Any login that is added later by an org member can be private to the user or shared with the org.

I am using my personal vault (which is different than the initial main vault) also for business, but I don’t share business logins with my family org. You can simply create an account (as part of your org) with your business email address.
Is that the information you are looking for?

You don’t own your work email. So you might loose access to it. Don’t store personal entries in a vault with your work email as username.

In this case, it’s actually my own business which I want to share passwords with the team.

But I also want to start using BW for my personal logins.

So I just can’t make up my mind whether if I want the main username to be the personal email or the work email…

If you are the guy who owns both mails, it doesn’t matter I guess.

If you own the domain then you own the email addresses of, I guess, you and your team. Then you would want an organization with your domain/team as well that is billed to your business? In that case it makes sense to create an account with your work email for work logins. Also good for auditing and future growth.

I would create a second (free) private account and (if needed) share work logins with your personal account. That way you have one place with all logins both work and private.

I’m sorry, how exactly does this work when you said “I would create a second (free) private account and (if needed) share work logins with your personal account. That way you have one place with all logins both work and private.”?

So one paid account at “Teams” level, which can share with 5 other users.

Staff 1 - free account
Staff 2 - free account
Staff 3 - free account
Staff 4 - free account
My personal - free account?

But it’s confusing when a login appears in the “My Vault” and also a collection which is own by an organization, which means all shared logins will show up in “My Vault” and organization vault of the paid teams account as well as in the “My Vault” and organization vault of all of the free accounts?

Is that correct?