Won't launch URI or auto-fill

Google Pixel 3a, Android 11, Nov 5, 2020 security update.

Everything used to work perfectly but recently when I select one of the items in my vault and tap on the icon to launch the URI it doesn’t do anything. If I use the built-in Chrome browser to manually go to the URI and tap in the login box it does not offer any auto-fill options.

I suspect it is related to a system or security update on my phone.

Anyone else had this happen? Any ideas on how to track it down?


@tgreer this problem was reported earlier as well. I think a bug report has to be filed
@dremelts another user also experienced a similar issue

@dremelts @Ron1

If you both are experiencing an issue, please go ahead and create an issue using the template (with the appropriate reproduction steps, data, etc) here:

In case it helps, we have the ‘can’t launch url’ issue as well, this time on a pixel 2 with version 2.8.0. Whereas on our pixel 3a with version 2.6.1, it all works. (I don’t understand why the pixel 2 has the newer version and not the 3a). Now on the 3a, while it works now, at first it didn’t - I mean a few days ago when I first started using bitwarden, then on second run it started working.

I’m a happy new Bitwarden user on Win 10 but have exactly the same problem with android mobile version:
Pixel 3XL
Android v.11
Bitwarden v. 2.8.0 (3349)
‘Launch URL’ does not work, even Settings>Help and Feedback does nothing.
Have followed all previous recommendations: no joy.
Autofill in the Chrome is doing its job.
Any suggestion?

Me again.
Disabling the departing LastPass made a trick.
All good now.

I’m having the same issue. Launch from the Android vault does nothing. I’ve uninstalled LastPass to no avail. I’m running Android 11 on a oneplus8. I see the dropdowns if I open the webpage and that works fine, but nothing from the vault. Works fine on my Win 10 laptop.

I’m having the same problem on my Pixel 4 running Android 11.

Same issue. Bitwarden app works on Windows 10 but not on Android 11 with a Galaxy S21. Nothing happens when I try to launch an app.

Having the same problem. Can’t launch URL’s from Bitwarden Android app. Have S20 Note Ultra with Android 11.

It appears this problem has been lingering around since November, 2020, so it appears Bitwarden bug fixes are not done in a timely manner. Glad I haven’t deleted LastPass. I’m going to stay with LastPass…at least it works!

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Ditto. Also can’t launch URLS on my Google Pixel 2 XL phone. Auto-fill still works though. Using Android 11 Build RP1A.201005.004.A1

This will hopefully solve the issue(s) caused by Android 11: