Winget for Windows

Alright I haven’t ever made any posts but I just thought I’d come in here and make a mention on Winget for windows. I tend to do all my downloads if possible through this windows feature in powershell rather than going to the website to download. My only issue is that I’d like to see fixed is how the version is setup for downloading. When downloading Bitwarden and going to the apps & features setting, it shows the current version being 1.33.0. When going through winget, there always an update (there really isn’t it’s just the same version) but it goes using the date rather than version so it shows 2022.5.0 due to that windows set version. Please fix this, thanks!

If you look at the releases on the Bitwarden Github site, you can see that they have just changed their numbering system for release versions:

As of today, version 2022.5.0 is the latest release.

@Sinful - can we mark this one as solved?


Yes. Thank you.